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We are a Microfinance company limited by shares that focuses on providing business trainings, micro- lending and other services, predominantly to the rural and urban poor, with priority given to poor farming groups, youth and women who suffer from Unemployment and Poverty. Asset F.M Ltd is Tanzanian registered company that aims at carrying on business as financial institutional and similar organizations which receives money on deposit

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Agribusiness loan

This product has been the main product offered; we refer this product as “Basic Loan”. More than 70% of our members (smallholder farmers) use this product. The majority of members continue with this basic loan, cycle after cycle, to meet all their credit needs in a satisfactory manner.
Agribusiness Loan is done in form of individual loan and groups, designed for smallholder farmers; it only differs with other loans on period of repayment. In this category the repayment is done during the harvest period, it may be monthly, bimonthly or after three months depending on the type of crop cultivated.


Emergency Loan

This facility targets individuals with short term liquidity crisis but are expecting reliable future cash flow (e.g. salary, bonus, commission, gratuity) to service the loan. The future cash flow shall be substantiated before the endorsement of the facility. An applicant shall be expected to disclose honestly the reliable source of repayment. The maximum loan in this product is USD 6,465.51and the maximum repayment period is three(3) months. The interest charged on this loan is 2% per month.


Working Capital Loan (Group Loan)

This type of loans target small entrepreneurs who seek financing facility to enhance their working capital. The facility shall be extended only to existing businesses not start-up businesses. The eligible borrowers shall be small entrepreneurs who have been operating the same business in the same permanent premises for period of more than 12 months.The loan sizes are subject to review time after time based on the demand of the product, experience and financial capacity of the firm. Repayment period ranges from 3 monthsto 12 months.

Currently our Lending Policy and Procedure manual that has been approved by Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment, allows us to offer four types of loan products.

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